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Restaurants in Tiberias

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Restaurants in Tiberias

Tiberias features a good number of restaurants offering local kosher Israeli cuisine, Lebanese and Middle Eastern eateries – along with the ubiquitous national burger chains. The central boardwalk is where most of the restaurants are to be found and can be a great idea for dining during or after visiting the many attractions in Tiberias

Avi’s Restaurant is one of the best-known restaurants in the city, regularly receiving rave reviews for its food and service. The kosher establishment is situated on the seafront, and offers diners fabulous views.Fresh fish that comes straight from the Sea of Galilee is a specialty, along with quality meat courses. The menu also features homemade Humus, lamb kebabs, entrecote skewers and chicken livers, followed by fresh fruit and ice cream for dessert.

Little Tiberias is another popular restaurant, frequented by both locals and visitors alike who come to sample delicious Mediterranean dishes of seafood and steak. The restaurant is situated within a building that forms part of the ancient city walls, which back to Roman times. Designed by architect Gadi Shamir the restaurant has two wings, the authentically old wing, which features beautiful classically carved telephone poles and wine racks, and a contemporary bar area, ideal for a relaxing drink or light meal. There’s also a balcony that offers impressive views.The family-owned business features many original dishes including ‘shrimp martini’ while the restaurant’s romantic atmosphere is a hit with couples in the evenings.

Family-friendly restaurants in Tiberias

Deck’s Restaurant is a child-friendly eatery that offers high quality local cuisine. Grilled sea bream and prime ribs are two menu mainstays. Grilled meats and homemade breads, baked fresh from the wood burning oven are other highlights. The restaurant features a deck that is situated over the Sea of Galilee, from where diners can take in breathtaking views. A cruise boat docks next to the restaurant from where visitors can embark on a romantic boat trip across the lake.

Bazel Bar & Restaurant is located in a historical building on the quieter end of the promenade and offers great sea views, and an outside bar and seating area. The food is Italian with an Israeli touch, featuring fresh fish, pasta, Focaccia baked in brick oven and baked salmon. Ceviche is another highlight. The bar is a great place to head for when a beer is called for, and it is served with olives and pretzels.

Israel’s Kitchen at Abel’s Guesthouse is a family owned B&B that features a gourmet restaurant. Set in an idyllic setting surrounded by flowers, greenery and scenic views, guests can enjoy a range of meat dishes, prepared in front of them. Located in the historical district close to St Peter’s Church, the guesthouse also features a shop that sells local honey, homemade chocolate and olive oil.

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