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Northern Israel has plenty to occupy you during a vacation from history and culture in the Galilee region to breathtaking scenery in Haifa. Haifa is often dubbed the ‘capital’ of North Israel, and it's the third largest city in the country. Haifa enjoys a superb position upon the slopes of Mount Carmel and features a host of popular sites and attractions including the unique Baha'i Gardens and the German Colony. The Sea of Galilee is well known for its importance to Christianity, with sites such as Capernaum a target for pilgrims and sightseers. There’s also the option to take a boat trip on the ‘sea’ or take part in water sports. Hiking the nearby mountains, including Mount Arbel is another popular pastime during a vacation in the north.

Eldan has 4 branches in northern Israel, so wherever you’re planning to holiday in this area you’ll be able to quickly and easily locate a rental office close to you. 

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