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Rent a Car In Israel

Eldan Group

Eldan started out in the 1960’s as a local car rental service based in Ashkelon with a “fleet” of 4 cars. Since then, the Eldan Group has blossomed into the largest car rental company in Israel.


The Eldan Group, founded and owned by Joseph Dahan, has a fleet of over 30,000 vehicles and operates 24 car rental branches throughout Israel, and international reservation centers in London and Paris.
Some of Israel's largest companies and institutions put their trust in Eldan and are returning customers year after year.


Over the years Eldan has spread it wings and now offers its services in a wide range of fields
such as car rentals in Israel and abroad, operational leasing, vehicle sales, road services, real estate and tourism.

Activities of Eldan Transportation

Vehicle rentals in Israel

Eldan is the leading car rental company in Israel, with a 35% market share. It operates 24 branches throughout Israel, from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat, with a fleet of about 10,000 vehicles. One of every three vehicles rented to tourists in Israel is from Eldan. In addition to catering to the needs of tourists, Eldan offers services to the business and institutional sectors. The company has set a strategy of growth throughout the years, expressed in the acquisition of business activities that enable synergy with the group's existing activities. Eldan acquired "Siyour Veiyour" in 1991 and the Israeli agency of Europcar in 2004.


Operational leasing of vehicles

In 1995, as the growing high-tech industry boosted demand for operational leasing and fleet management, Eldan decided to enter this field and today deploys a leasing fleet of about 16,000 vehicles. Eldan sets the highest standard of quality service, thanks to the professionalism of its service representatives and its nationwide presence.


Vehicle rental overseas

Eldan, which began renting cars abroad in 2004, provides car rental solutions in over 30 countries around the globe, offering high quality service, outstanding availability of vehicles, flexibility in pickup and dropoff locations, and excellent prices.


Vehicle sales

Eldan sells about 10,000 vehicles annually from its rental and leasing fleets, which include a diverse range of vehicles. The company operates 13 car sale centers in Israel, including a 6,000 square meter site at Kibbutz Ga'ash, the largest site of its kind in the Middle East.


Other Eldan Group Activities

Eldan Roadside Services

The company offers nationwide towing and rescue services to the institutional, business and private sectors. Eldan Transportation holds a 50% share of Eldan Roadside Services, with the other 50% held by the Taavura Group.



Eldan leased the Menorah Hotel in Jerusalem in 1998 and invested $4 million in renovations. The 76-room hotel, now called "Eldan Jerusalem", is located in the city center, opposite the "King David Hotel". In 2000, Eldan purchased the 38-room Hotel Verlain, located on Avenue de la République in Paris.


Company Philosophy

The company founder, Yosef Dahan, attributes the company's success to the fact that Eldan focuses on customer satisfaction, providing VIP service to every client. The company's 650 employees fully identify with this concept, and Eldan's advertising slogan – "Giving our heart and soul" – represents the main message to Eldan's customers, suppliers and business partners.


Plans for the Future

In order to maintain its market leadership, Eldan plans to continue to develop its investments in tourist industries, including the acquisition of additional hotels before the end of the decade. Additional areas of expansion include car importing and financing.