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Terms Of Rental

Below are the principal terms of rental governing the reservation and rental of a vehicle (the “Vehicle”) by a renter (the “Renter(s)”) from Eldan Transportation Ltd. (“Eldan”).
It is hereby clarified that any and all rentals are and shall remain subject to the terms and conditions set out in Eldan’s standard car rental agreement, to be signed by the Renter(s) at the time of pick-up of the Vehicle (including the Rental Terms enclosed thereto) (the “Standard Agreement”).

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Age +" icon" Age

Drivers must be at least 24 years of age, unless appropriate insurance coverage for younger drivers is purchased, provided that such drivers are at least 21 years of age.

Driver's License +" icon" Driver's License

Drivers must possess a clean driver's license in English which includes a photo of the driver, valid for at least one year from Renter’s entry to Israel. If the license is not written in English, the driver must additionally hold and provide Eldan an international license. The license must be suitable for the type of rented Vehicle. Only such persons holding a valid driver’s license present at the pick-up of the Vehicle whose details are set out in the Standard Agreement are permitted to drive the Vehicle.

Passport +" icon" Passport

Each Renter must hold a valid passport.

Insurance/Coverage +" icon" Insurance/Coverage

The Vehicle is insured according to the laws of the State of Israel.

The Vehicle is insured for mandatory insurance according to law and for third party insurance by an insurance policy which terms are not less than third party liability insurance terms for the standard damages to property, which such terms may be viewed at Terms of Third Party Liability Insurance for Standard Property Damages. It is hereby clarified that the Vehicle is not insured by comprehensive insurance.


All Renters must purchase mandatory Liability Damage Waiver coverage (L.D.W.) (the “Mandatory Coverage”) at the rate set out in the Standard Agreement.

Renters are also required to purchase comprehensive coverage which includes both Collision Damage Waiver coverage (C.D.W.) and Theft Protection coverage (T.P.) (jointly, the “Comprehensive Coverage”) at such rate as set out in the Standard Agreement. Alternatively, instead of purchasing such Comprehensive Coverage, Renter may utilize the C.D.W. and T.P. coverage provided through his/her/its credit card company (if provided), provided however, that it is the Renter’s responsibility to notify the credit card company of such choice and verify the credit company’s terms and conditions of coverage. Please note that by not purchasing Comprehensive Coverage from Eldan, the Renter, and not the credit card company, is responsible for any damage, theft or loss to the Vehicle or its accessories or to any third party (and property thereof) and any and all related expenses will be charged to the Renter’s credit card.


In case the Renter purchases Comprehensive Coverage and while using the Vehicle, the Vehicle or its accessories is subjected to damage or theft or any third party or such third party’s vehicle or property suffers damage caused by the Renter through the use of the Vehicle the Renter will be charged for such repair according to the cost of repair as well as an additional payment equivalent to the lower of: (a) 30% of the total cost of the repair as aforesaid; or (b) NIS 450,  and in any case up to the amount a deductible payment ranging from $484 to $1,000 excluding VAT (based upon the vehicle group to which the Vehicle belongs).

For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby expressly declared that the deductible shall be charged for each damage incident to the Vehicle or its accessories separately (damage incident means an event of accident). The above coverage does not include damage to the undercarriage, roof and tires of the Vehicle and/or damage caused as a result of Renter utilizing the Vehicle in a manner contrary to the terms of use set out in the Standard Agreement and/or other damages as detailed in the Standard Agreement in respect to which the Renter will be fully liable for the full amount of such damage.

The Renter may purchase Excess Waiver Coverage (EW) in accordance with the rates and terms as shall be set out in the Standard Agreement from time to time. The Excess Waiver Coverage includes the Comprehensive Coverage provided by Eldan.


No coverage shall be provided for any use of the Vehicle outside of the State of Israel including Tabah and territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

When picking up the Vehicle Renter must thoroughly inspect the Vehicle and its accessories for any and all damage.

No coverage shall be provided for damage or loss of personal belongings.

Further information is available at the Eldan counters.

Reservation and Payment  +" icon" Reservation and Payment

Reservations may be made through Eldan’s website or by phone at 972-3-5579000. Reservations made on the website should be made following the instructions set out therein in accordance with the website’s terms of use at Upon submission of the reservation through the website, Renter shall receive an email to the email address noted in the reservation details containing one of the following: (1) a voucher confirming the reservation and its details (the “Reservation Confirmation” or “Voucher”); or (2) a notice stating that the reservation is still pending with Eldan and is awaiting further confirmation (the “Pending Notice”).

Renters completing their reservation made by phone shall receive a Reservation Confirmation.


Upon receipt of the Reservation Confirmation by Renter, Eldan shall be bound to provide Renter with a Vehicle from the relevant selected group, however it does not undertake to provide Renter with a specific model of Vehicle within the selected group and it reserves the right to substitute similar models to those reserved.

It is hereby clarified that a reservation that has not been confirmed by receipt of a Reservation Confirmation shall not bind Eldan in any way whatsoever.


During the reservation process, Renter will be presented with several payment options: partial advance payment via the website or payment at the rental counter upon return of the Vehicle. In some cases, at Eldan’s sole discretion, payment upon return of the Vehicle at the rental counter will not be possible, and Renter will be required to pay for the reservation either partially or in full upon making the reservation. Please note that the estimated cost of the rental may vary depending on the payment choice selected by the Renter. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, with respect to reservations made through Eldan’s website, payment for the rental shall be made only at the Eldan counter upon return of the Vehicle.


Any payment made in connection with the aforesaid will be possible only by using a valid credit card that can be cleared by one of the credit card companies operating in Israel and will be subject to the approval of the credit card company. Eldan will not honor any other means of payment.


Upon pick-up of the Vehicle, the Renter must present a valid driver’s license, passport and a valid credit card under his/her name which must be the same credit card used for the reservation. Subject to the approval of the credit card company, such credit card shall serve as security for any amount owed by the Renter to Eldan in connection with the Vehicle rental in the amount stated in the Standard Agreement, which shall in any event be no less than $700. Should the Renter decide to utilize the C.D.W. and T.P. coverage provided through his/her/its credit card company, the amount provided as security shall be no less than 2500$ plus the rental cost. Renter must make sure this amount can be secured and that it does not exceed the Renter’s credit limit. It is clarified that in order to implement the reservation, the credit card presented to Eldan must be that of the person driving the Vehicle.


It is hereby clarified that payment for the rental will not cover charges related to the rental which may be incurred during the rental itself in accordance with the Standard Agreement (such as deductibles (if applicable), traffic and parking violation charges, toll road and fast lane payments, fuel payments, excess kilometer charges, service/handling fees, etc.)


Any amount which is not paid in full and/or on time, shall bear linkage differences and default interest at such rate applicable from time to time at Bank Leumi Le’Israel Ltd. with respect to debit accounts, to be calculated from the due date for such payment until the date of actual payment. In addition, Renter shall be charged by Eldan for collection expenses, including legal expenses and attorney fees, as may be incurred by Eldan.

Airport Service Fee +" icon" Airport Service Fee

An airport Service fee will be charged in the event of a pick-up or drop-off at the Ben-Gurion Airport.

VAT +" icon" VAT

Any payments made in connection with the rental by Israeli citizens / Israeli passport holders are subject to VAT at the applicable rate under law from time to time, unless expressly stated otherwise in these Terms of Rental or the Standard Agreement. Tourists holding B2, B3 or B4 visas are VAT exempt. 

Late Returns +" icon" Late Returns

A delay in returning the Vehicle will be charged as follows:

(a) Over one hour and up to two hours - 50% of the daily cost.

(b) Over two hours and up to three hours - 75% of the daily cost.

(c) Over three hours and up to one day - 100% of the daily cost.

Fuel +" icon" Fuel

Fuel is not included in the rental rates.

If the Vehicle is returned with a fuel tank in which the quantity of fuel is less than the quantity the Renter received, the Renter shall be charged for such missing fuel according to the price of fuel with full servicing, as set out in the Commodities and Services Control Order (Maximum Prices at Fuel Stations), 5762-2002 plus a payment in respect of each liter of missing fuel at the rate set out in the Standard Agreement.

Km +" icon" Km

The rental includes such amount of kilometers as set out in the Voucher. Should the total rental exceed the kilometer limitations set out therein (based on the applicable rental term), the Renter shall be charged for each excess kilometer such amounts as set out in the Standard Agreement. 

Safety +" icon" Safety

It is a statutory requirement that the driver and passengers wear seat belts while driving. Infants, toddlers and children must be seated in car seats suitable to their individual size, weight and age.

Children under 14 years of age should always be seated in the rear seats.

Breakdowns +" icon" Breakdowns

In the unlikely event of a breakdown, please contact our call center which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at *3003.

Traffic Violations +" icon" Traffic Violations

The Renter is liable for all parking fines, traffic and/or any towing violations. If the Renter does not pay the relevant fine and the relevant fine is sent to Eldan, Eldan shall assign such fine to the Renter in accordance with the Renter’s details in its possession and charge the Renter an additional handling fee as set out in the Standard Agreement for each fine.

Cancellation Policy +" icon" Cancellation Policy

Renter may cancel the reservation in the following manner: (a) by completing the “Cancel Reservation Form” at; (b) by sending a request by email to:; (c) by contacting Eldan by telephone at 972-3-5579000; or (d) by facsimile at 972-077-7613889. Each such cancellation notice should be made within 14 days of making the reservation and at least 2 working days before the day of pick-up. Eldan shall send the Renter a confirmation of such cancellation up to 2 working days after receiving the Renter’s cancellation notice. In case of cancellation within the above timeframe, Eldan shall be entitled to charge the Renter the lowest of 5% of the cost of rental or NIS 100 as a cancellation fee, using the credit card provided by the Renter at the time of reservation. In case of a cancellation not within the above timeframe or in case Renter does not arrive to pick up the Vehicle at the required pick-up time (“No Show”), Eldan shall be entitled to charge the Renter a cancellation fee of up to NIS150. A cancellation fee may be charged for each reserved Vehicle subject to applicable law.


A Renter which wishes to update the details of his/her/its reservation (including rental dates, type of vehicle, extras, etc.) may do so by completing the ”Update Reservation Form” at and in respect to a reservation made by phone – by contacting Eldan at 972-3-5579000. An Eldan representative will contact the Renter up to 2 working days after receiving the Renter’s notice, to confirm whether such update is acceptable to Eldan and whether such update affects the estimated rental cost. If Eldan does not confirm such update, for whatever reason, the initial reservation shall remain in full effect. If the Renter wishes to cancel the reservation (since the update was not confirmed or Renter does not agree to the updated cost), Renter may do so in accordance with the cancellation process set out above and may be charged with a cancellation fee, depending on the timing of cancellation as provided above. In any case, for the avoidance of any doubt, an update to the reservation will be effective only upon receipt of an updated reservation confirmation from Eldan. An “Update/Cancel Reservation Form” which includes incomplete or erroneous reservation details or which was inadequately submitted and/or processed shall not bind Eldan (even if the source of the fault is not the Renter or such error is due to a technical fault/malfunction on the website).


It is clarified that any update to any of the reservation details (including dates, vehicle type, pick-up/return location, coverage, etc.), may change the total estimated cost of the rental, and Eldan will not be bound by the pricing displayed in the initial reservation process, including prices of extras and insurance/coverage.


If after the reservation confirmation, for whatever reason, the Vehicle and/or any extras reserved as part of the reservation are unavailable, Eldan will offer Renter an alternative Vehicle and/or extras equivalent to those reserved by the Renter (if available). If Renter chooses not to rent the alternative Vehicle and/or extras, the reservation will be cancelled and Eldan will return to the Renter the full payment made by Renter without any cancellation fee. It is hereby clarified that in such case, the only remedy available to Renter will be the refund of such payment and Renter shall not be entitled to, and hereby irrevocably waives, any other claims for damages, losses, costs, etc. including direct or indirect damages.

Pick up / Drop off fee +" icon" Pick up / Drop off fee

A Renter renting a Vehicle of any category for a term not longer than 2 days, and the Renter picked up the Vehicle in Eilat and returned it to another Eldan branch (not in Eilat) or returned the Vehicle in Eilat after picking up the Vehicle in a different Eldan branch (not in Eilat) shall be charged with an additional drop off fee of US$190/Euro170/₤120. This additional payment shall not apply in any rental of 3 days or more.

Rates Policy  +" icon" Rates Policy

The estimated cost for the rental of the Vehicle is the cost indicated on the website at the time of reservation which will not constitute the final cost to the Renter but only an estimated cost based on the rental details at the time of reservation and may be subject to any change, amendment and addition to the rental details, including, without limitation, shortening or extending the rental term, changing the place and date of pick-up/return of the Vehicle, the purchase of any extras, etc. Without derogating from the foregoing, until the reservation is made, Eldan reserves its right to change, at any time, the prices of the Vehicle, without being required to provide any prior notice.  


It is hereby clarified that the minimal rental period is 24 hours so that any Renter that rents a Vehicle for a period of less than 24 hours shall in any event be charged for a 24-hour period.

Toll road/Fast Lanes +" icon" Toll road/Fast Lanes

The prices do not include payment for usage of toll road/fast lane fees. Payment for driving on a toll road/fast lane will be charged according to the rates published by the road/lane operator for non-subscribing customers plus an additional handling fee which appears in the price list displayed at Eldan’s branches.


To the best of Eldan’s knowledge Renters are able to directly contract with the toll road/fast lane operator, subject to the terms and conditions of the road/lane’s operating company and to the contractual terms of such company. This should not be viewed as a recommendation to directly contract with the operating company. Should the Renter violate his/her obligations to the toll road/fast lane operating company, the Renter will bear all charges, fines and legal expenses which Eldan may be required to pay the toll road/fast lane operator, plus handling fees as set out in the Standard Agreement.

General +" icon" General

Eldan reserves the right to refuse Vehicle rental and/or any other service to any Renter who does not comply with all the above terms or the terms of the Standard Agreement.

In these Terms of Rental, words in the masculine shall be interpreted as also including the feminine and words in the singular shall be interpreted as also including the plural and vice versa, all according to the substance and the context.

In any contradiction between the terms set out herein or the terms set out in the Standard Agreement, the terms set out in the Standard Agreement shall override.

Any amounts set out in any currency in these Terms of Rental shall be converted to the currency of payment based on the applicable representative rates at the time such payment is charged.