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Things to do in Netanya

חזור אל Experience Netanya
Things to do in Netanya

Netanya is a lively coastal resort that attracts many thousands of visitors throughout the year. Known for its beautiful beaches that extend the entire length of the city, its high quality hotels and fascinating local attractions, the city is a fashionable destination for people from all over the world.

Netanya’s beaches feature a host of welcome facilities including sports and changing areas, making them popular with both individual bathers and families. The northernmost beach, Blue Bay Beach features an area with a boat ramp dedicated to sailing.

Netanya’s Promenade

Above the beaches, the rugged cliffs are home to a long promenade overlooking the sea, a route that forms part of the ‘Israel Road’ a marked walking path that extends the length of the country. The promenade offers spectacular views from every point, and there are lawns, trees, picnic tables and play areas for children as well as an amphitheater featuring shows in the summer. From the northern side of the promenade beach access is possible via stairs and an elevator, and there are also several cafes and restaurants.

History and Nature

There are many notable historical sites to see in and around Netanya, including the Um Khaled Khan, and an ancient sycamore tree thought to be over 1000 years old. The Pninat Shabtai Museum and the Diamond Center Museum are other fascinating attractions to take in, as well as a number of nature reserves. The Irises Reserve features a large concentration of rare purple irises, while the Nahal Poleg Nature Reserve contains fauna unique to this area. The Udim Reserve has a pool that is home to turtles, fish and water birds. Visitors can take one of three marked trails around the reserve where porcupines, rabbits and gerbils can be seen, or for those lucky enough, foxes and badgers.

The city center features a colorful food bazaar, packed with exotic stalls that are perfect for strolling. Visitors can also spend some time exploring the weekly market, which features clothes, shoes, jewelry and other authentic wares. The New Industrial Park is an area of Netanya offering shopping malls and hypermarkets. There are a lot of other things to do in Netanya like bowling, billiard and karting and also several pubs and bars. Liberty Square in the center of the city is a place to watch street performances, bike and rollerblade. The area is also home to some of the best restaurants and shops in the city.


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