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Top Attractions in Haifa

חזור אל Experience Haifa
Top Attractions in Haifa

The largest city in the north of Israel, Haifa is a something of a smelting pot of technology, religion, and tourism. Once considered anything but a tourist destination, today the city offers visitors an array of remarkable attractions, an easy atmosphere, and above all, some of the most scenic views you’ll find in this part of the world. Here are the top 10 attraction in Haifa.


1. Bahá'í Shrine and Gardens

Undeniably the crown jewel of the city, the golden domed Bahá'í Shrine and the perfectly-manicured terraced gardens leading up to it are impressive and attractive. The shrine itself is the center of the Bahá'í faith.


2. Mount Carmel

Overlooking the city of Haifa and all it has to offer, Mount Carmel offers stunning views across the region, including an alternative view of the Bahá'í Shrine. Luckily, these are views that are well worth the trek.


3. The German Colony in Haifa 

Founded in 1868 by the German Templers, the German Colony in Haifa features some of the most visually appealing properties in the city. With clean, well-kept streets, and plenty of cafés to stop by in, this idyllic part of the city is a great place to spend an afternoon. 


4. Louis Promenade 

Stretching out of the German Colony, the Louis Promenade is a great place to enjoy a stroll as you take in the magnificent natural sights on offer in this part of the world.


5. Haifa Educational Zoo 

With more than 350 species of mammals, reptiles, and birds on display, as well as picturesque botanical gardens, the Haifa Educational Zoo is a popular choice with the young and old alike. The zoological institute also teaches environmental studies to children.


6. The Port of Haifa 

Haifa’s port welcomes cruise ships from across Europe and beyond ,and thanks to recent regeneration plans, the port itself now offers plenty of activities. This is the place to come for restaurants, bars, and cafés.


7. Stella Maris Monastery 

Located on the slopes of Mount Carmel, this beautiful monastery dates back to the early 1800s. Visitors can take a cable car ride if they’d prefer not to walk to the church.


8. Elijah’s Cave 

Located beneath the Stella Maris Monastery and purported to be the cave in which the prophet Elijah rested, this is a popular destination and place of worship for Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Druze.


9. National Museum of Science and Technology 

In the building that once housed the first institute of higher education in Israel, this interesting and interactive museum features a wide selection of exhibits to enjoy.


10. Dado Beach 

As with so many other destinations in Israel, no list of top attractions in Haifa would be complete without mentioning the beach. Regularly voted one of the country’s best beaches, visitors can expect soft sands, warm waters, and plenty of beachside activities – including food and drink – to make for a relaxing break.


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