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Cultural Events in Haifa You Won’t Want To Miss

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Cultural Events in Haifa You Won’t Want To Miss

From the Haifa film festival to a multi faith carnival, the city of Haifa in Israel hosts a selection of festivals and cultural events that you just won’t want to miss. Here are five events that make a trip to Haifa more than worthwhile.


1. Haifa International Film Festival

The premiere event of its kind in Israel and the Middle East, the Haifa International Film Festival serves as an invitation for world-renowned filmmakers and actors to descend upon the city of Haifa. Held in the city since 1983, the Haifa film festival introduces moviegoers to 150-plus new films each year, offering a mixture of features, animation, documentaries, and short films. Submissions arrive from across the Globe, with only the very best selected for screening. The event is held each October and features workshops, seminars, and conferences alongside film screenings.


2. Goldstar Music Festival 

Named for its beer-making sponsor, the Goldstar Music Festival takes place annually at Haifa’s Students’ Beach. Since 2006, the year the festival upped sticks and left Tel Aviv, music lovers have hit the beach and watched some of Israel’s hottest musicians in front of a beautiful Mediterranean backdrop. It’s easy to believe that this Haifa festival is one of the most eagerly anticipated of the year.


3. The Haifa Symphony Orchestra 

Since being founded in 1950, the Haifa Symphony Orchestra has delighted hundreds of thousands of fans. The orchestra tours the world but its hometown supporters are still treated to regular performances. Concert season in the city includes operas, classic music recitals, big band classics, and even performances aimed at appealing to children.


4. The Haifa International Flute Competition 

Since 1997, the Haifa International Flute Competition has seen the best flutists in the world compete to be considered the premier flutist. The event, which is held biannually, is another prong in the city’s wheel of culture and entertainment, and a particular favorite with orchestra and woodwind aficionados.


5. The Festival of Festivals

In a world in which different religions continually seem to bash heads, Haifa’s Festival of Festival is something to experience. Held over four weekends in December, this Haifa festival offers Christians, Jews, and Muslims the opportunity to celebrate together, regardless of faith. The result is a city of happiness and enjoyment, and a festival that has to be seen to be believed.


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