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Top Restaurants in Jerusalem

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Top Restaurants in Jerusalem

From the narrow streets of the Old City to the more spacious suburbs, Jerusalem is home to a wealth of stunning tourist attractions. It’s also bursting with restaurants serving extensive menus of fine food. Jerusalem restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, and with menus to suit any palate. To give you some idea of what’s on offer, here are the 5 best restaurants in Jerusalem.


1. The Eucalyptus

When it comes to looking for the best Jerusalem restaurants, much depends on your own taste buds. What’s delicious for one diner doesn’t necessarily suit another. However, one restaurant that's almost universally adored by Jerusalem visitors is The Eucalyptus. Located on Hativat Yerushalayim, just a short walk from the Jaffa Gate, the style and ambience in the restaurant is first rate. As  for the food? Whether you order the steak, the fig-stuffed chicken, or anything else on the menu, you’re in for a treat.


2. Machneyuda 

Located on Beit Ya’akov Street, Machneyuda is the place to be. Serving Mediterranean cuisine, the menu is separated into three price ranges, making it an ideal choice for any budget. Ask to sit at the bar for an extra tasty experience.


3. Bardak 

Another of the most popular restaurants in Jerusalem, Bardak offers a menu loaded with pizza and other Italian classics. Located on Keren Hayesod, the restaurant is perfect for a light meal at lunch time or something more filling at dinner time. The outside patio adds a nice atmosphere to the place.


4. Halitatea 

Tucked away on Hillel Street, Halitatea has earned a reputation as one of Jerusalem’s best kept secrets. The perfect place to stop for lunch, dinner, coffee, or something a little stronger, the restaurant is vegan and vegetarian friendly, which doesn’t mean it forgets the meat-eaters out there.


5. Azura 

Any list of the best restaurants in Jerusalem wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Azura. Located on Ha’eshkol Street near the Mahane Yehuda Market, this charming restaurant offers the chance to experience proper Middle Eastern cuisine. For a light bite, the falafel is a must, while goulashes, egg plants, and meatballs are perfect for a larger meal.

 There are of course hundreds of other restaurants in Jerusalem, not to mention street food venders, cafés, and other eateries. The diverse mixture of establishments means you’ll find cuisine from across the world, while there is plenty of choice regardless of your budget.


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