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Top Restaurants in Eilat

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Top Restaurants in Eilat

Whether you’ve explored the desert on a camel, visited the Kings City Amusement Park, watched birds fly upon high, or discovered beautiful coral on a diving trip, you’ll want to finish the day off with a delicious meal. Fortunately there are plenty of restaurants in Eilat to choose from. Here are 10 Eilat restaurants and other eateries you’ll want to check out.


Pago Pago

Located on Mishol Ha-Mayim, this popular restaurant specializes in two things: delicious fish and stunning views. Diners can tuck into fresh sea fish and platters while taking in a scenic view of the Red Sea from this floating restaurant.


The Last Refuge

Great seafood and perfect vistas aren’t exclusive to Pago Pago. The Last Refuge is another wildly popular restaurant serving fantastic seafood and sea views. You’ll find Eilat’s finest lobster right here in this Turkiz Street restaurant.


Eddie’s Hideaway 

From steak to shrimp, from pasta to Chinese, Eddie’s offers a heavy dose of world cuisine for diners to choose from. Located just off Eliot, this is a popular choice with international visitors and locals alike.



Located on Antibes, Angelina is an upmarket Italian restaurant serving delicious pasta and pizza dishes. Try to book a table on the promenade to enjoy al fresco dining Eilat style.



Got a hankering for a burger? Of all the Eilat restaurants, Barbis on Tarshish Street offers the best burgers around, as well as other delicious American cuisine.


Mayaan Habriut 

Located on Ha-Agas, this gem of a restaurant specializes in health-conscious and vegetarian food. Come here for a meal that is great for the body, mind, and spirit.


Park Avenue

As implied by its name, Park Avenue on Tarshish Street is one of the most exclusive restaurants in Eilat. Head here for a great meal as well as one of the city’s most upmarket bars.



Want to brush shoulders with Eilat’s elite? Ginger is an Asian fusion restaurant known to attract Eilat’s rich and famous. Located on Derech Yotam in the city’s entertainment district, start your night here.


ShawarmaItzik Eilat

In a rush? Looking for a quick bite between activities? Head to ShawarmaItzik on Ha’Tmarin Boulevard and grab falafel, shawarma, schnitzels, or a Jerusalem-style mixed grill, before hitting the street and getting on with your day.


Café Chocola 

Looking for a sweet treat? This boutique bakery, located on Shderot ha-Tmarim specializes in delicious cakes. Grab a coffee and wrap it up with something sweet.

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