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Chutzot HaYotzer Festival (Jerusalem)

חזור אל Cultural Events
Chutzot HaYotzer Festival (Jerusalem)

Each summer, the Holy City of Jerusalem becomes awash with painting, textiles, jewelry, and more as the Chutzot Hayotzer International Arts and Crafts Festival arrives in the city. The event, considered by many to be the highlight of the summer, began as a rather small affair in 1975 as a means to showcase local Art in Jerusalem. Today the festival features a variety of events across two weeks.

Arts and crafts

Art in Jerusalem has thrived for centuries, yet in recent years local artists have congregated at the city’s artist colony, by the walls of the Old City. The festival sees these artists open up their workshops to exhibit their creations. Visitors to the festival can see everything from painting and prints to ceramics and jewelry, from textiles and leatherwork to woodwork and calligraphy. Judaica (Jewish ceremonial art) can be found prominently throughout the event. Painters, sculptors, weavers, and more can be found showcasing their work, while workshops and other fringe events are common.
In addition to local artists, international artists are welcomes to the event to display their objects d’art. Exhibitors come from as far away as Guatemala, Nepal, and Madagascar.

 Periphery events & features

In addition to Jerusalem art, international art, and worldwide crafts, the festival also features live music concerts from some of Israel’s biggest recording artists, as well as other music events. The concerts are generally by ticket only, which means advance planning is in order. The Chutzot Hayotzer International Arts and Crafts Festival also welcomes an international food court, serving up delicious cuisine from across the globe. Visitors can expect to dine on everything from Turkish and Italian to Ethiopian and Brazilian.

The festival also hosts a child-friendly area, which it dubs the ‘Kid’s Compound’, where children can get involved in the arts in a safe environment.

When is the festival?

The Chutzot HaYotzer International Arts and Crafts Festival is annually held over a two week period in August. In 2014 the festival will take place between August 11 and 23.

Where is the festival held?

The festival is held in two locations in the city of Jerusalem. Arts and crafts events are hosted at the Jerusalem Art Colony (A.K.A. the Arts and Crafts Center). This can be located behind the King David Hotel in Mitchell Garden, just outside of the Old City of Jerusalem .

Concerts and a number of other events are held in the nearby Sultan’s Pool area of the city. The Merrill Hassenfeld Amphitheater generally serves as the host venue.

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