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Rent a Car In Israel

Eldan's Expressway - The Quickest Way to Rent a Car

Eldan is pleased to present a new, exclusive service – Eldan's Expressway.

What is Eldan's Expressway?

Eldan's Expressway is an Eldan service that allows you to shorten the car pick-up process, using a pre-arranged rental contract and receiving the car at the counter, without having to wait.

How does it work?

Choose the “Eldan's Expressway” option when reserving your car.

  • If you have rented an Eldan car in the past, you will be asked to fill in a minimum of identification details. After your data have been recognized by the system, the process will be completed and your rental contract will be prepared in advance.


  • If this is the first time you are renting an Eldan car, you will be requested– on a one-time basis – to fill in the personal details necessary for preparing your rental contract. This will complete the process and your rental contract will be prepared for you in advance.


  • Upon landing exit the arrivals hall at gate 3 to the parking lots area-cross the road, continue straight and turn left to the Eldan car rental branch.

*Please Note!

The credit card details that appear on your reservation should be those of the person who will be driving the rented car. Please have this credit card, a valid driver’s license and passport when you will come to pick up your car.